Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rainflower Seafood Restaurant

Chinese food at its finest...

Location: Richmond


I've never really been too "wow-ed!" by Chinese cuisine, partly because I am Chinese and have been exposed to it ever since I was little.  It usually tastes good, but not over-the-top mindblowing. Every restaurant tastes practically the same to me, more or less. Of course you're gonna have the extremes - either really bad ones or really good ones.  But generally, as ignorant as I sound, I feel that most are very similar, taste-wise.

Rainflower proved to be one of the most fine-tasting Chinese restaurants I've ever visited.  We came for a special celebration and thus, opted for the "Deluxe Banquet Dinner for 10".  The set menu was as follows: Assorted Hot & Cold Cuts Appetizer Platter (one of my faves), Fresh Fruit Salad with Shrimp Meatballs, Sauteed Scallops with Fresy Lily Bulbs, Shark Fin Soup, Lobster & Crab in Garlic Butter Sauce, Two Kinds of Mushroom with Greens in Oyster Sauce, Chef's Specialty Empress Chicken, Steamed Fresh Fish, Golden Seafood Fried Rice, Braised Yee-Fu Noodle in Abalone Sauce, and Dessert.  The Cold Cuts appy was comprised of: Jellyfish, Bbq pig's neck's meat, Hokkigai, and Beef Shank. Great combination.  The Shrimp meatballs were hands down, my favourite of the night.  It wasn't your typical deep fried prawn ball, but rather, an almond-encrusted deep fried prawn ball. Brilliant!  Everything else was very good, as well, including the succulent, moist crispy chicken.


Prompt and friendly. Great sense of humour from some of the servers...lol


Chinese food always offers good value, in comparison to other cuisines.  A scores in both quality and quanitity areas.  $388 for dinner for 10. About $40/person - which is about the price of an entree in a fine dining, west coast contemporary restaurant.  I would say this is a great value!


Super spacious restaurant, decor is very unique and different - huge, gold-trimmed chairs at the front, Versace-like looking dinner plates. You'll have to see it for yourself!

Overall: 8.5/10

Yay: Fine chinese cuisine. Fine decor.  They also offer quite unique-tasting dim sum dishes as well.

Nay: Compared to other Chinese restaurants of similar kind, prices may be a little high.

Posted by: J


Anita said...

mmmm cool I've never heard of this place but definitely need to check it out! 40 bux is not bad at all from looking at the menu of food that you ordered! mmmmm just reading this is literally making my mouth water. I wanna check the dim sum out! Hope you'll blog about the dim sum soon! i love dim sum! keep updating! love your posts :D

Dirk said...

How come all the posts were written by J? Where is Scoe?