Monday, August 12, 2013

Cruisin' California...with my hefty appetite in tow!

Hello, bonjour, ni hao, aloha everyone! It sure has been a while (7 months to be exact) since my last post.  Don't worry, I haven't reduced myself to subsiding on scraps and other generally foodie non-approved grub.  I have been continuing to satisfy my palate in each and every way...I just haven't made the time to document it

I recently made a trip to the land of Hollywood, In'and'Out burgers and all things amongst the glitz and glam.  I have been to Los Angeles numerous times but have only recently been able to venture out of the suburbs to scope out the culinary side of L.A.  With my ever-so-necessary food spreadsheet in one hand and some much-needed dining companions in the other...I was off to the City of Angels!

In chronological order, here are the culinary highlights of the trip (CLICK on each collage to ENLARGE):

Baco Mercat: beef tongue flatbread sandwiches, veal sweetbreads
Factory Tea Bar: condensed milk brick toast
Soot Bull Jeep: korean bbq (best shortribs and squid ever!!)
Urth Caffe (typo!☹): bavarian fruit tart and banana cream pie...sinfully delicious
Savoy Kitchen: curry beef brisket on rice, hainanese chicken...happiness on 2 plates

Monterey Palace: abalone and the best roasted pig suckling ever...(for my Grandpa's 100th birthday no less!)
Mama Lu's: some crispy crispy wish-I-could-have-one-more-bite beef pancake roll...
Milk: mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich, array of red velvet based goodies and a blue velvet cake (you heard me!)
Green Zone: organic hainanese chicken 
Lobster Me (Vegas): the original "Maine" style lobster roll, lobster mac & cheese

Bacchanal Buffet: plate #1 :)
Earl of Sandwich: "Full Montague"
Porto's: still dreamin of those cheese rolls...
Disneyland: Dole Whip pineapple soft-serve ice cream and turkey leg
Nem Nuong Ninh Hoa: grilled pork salad rolls, bun bo hue (lemongrass noodles in spicy broth)
In-N-Out Burger: 2 words: animal style...
Euro Pane Bakery: i love open-faced egg salad sandwiches!

tacos from an illegal taco
Boiling Crab: prawns in 'the whole shebang' sauce!
Bottega Louie: fancy macarons, tasty too!
Beijing Pie House: beijing style pan fried lamb pies
Yogurtland: cheesecake = best froyo topping
Seoul Sausage Company: korean corn bread, fried chicken, galbi poutine, rice ball, homemade sausages
Blockhead's Shavery Co.: black sesame shaved ice, condensed milk, oreo, rice balls...drool
Zelo: fresh corn, balsamic marinated red onions, smoked mozarella...on a cornmeal crust!!
Half and Half: the best 'boba' ever - so good I had 4 cups the whole trip - half pudding, half milk (and a whole lotta amazing!)

Welps, that just about wraps up my Cali gastro-adventures in a nut shell...(in 36 pictures no less).  From korean to beijing cuisine, the culinary diversity that L.A has to offer is endless.  Until next time...!

Bäco Mercat on UrbanspoonSavoy Kitchen on UrbanspoonFactory Tea Bar on Urbanspoon

Soot Bull Jeep on UrbanspoonUrth Caffé on Urbanspoon Monterey Palace on Urbanspoon

Mama's Lu Dumpling House on Urbanspoon Milk on Urbanspoon Green Zone on Urbanspoon  

Lobster Me on Urbanspoon Bacchanal on Urbanspoon Earl of Sandwich on Urbanspoon Porto's Bakery & Cafe on Urbanspoon Nem Nuong Ninh Hoa on Urbanspoon  Euro Pane Bakery on Urbanspoon Boiling Crab on Urbanspoon Bottega Louie on Urbanspoon Beijing Pie House on Urbanspoon Seoul Sausage Company on Urbanspoon Blockheads Shavery Co on Urbanspoon Zelo on Urbanspoon Half & Half Tea House on Urbanspoon