Monday, February 27, 2012

Dine Out Vancouver 2012

When Dine Out Vancouver (DoV) was first launched about a decade ago, I was thrilled.  Three-course dinners at a number of notable restaurants with $15, $25, and $35 prices? Sign me up! 

Unfortunately, in the recent years, DoV has been mostly a disappointment.  I guess with greater hype come greater expectations...and greater chances of a letdown.  First of all, prices have gone up.  Secondly, albeit the number of participating restaurants has surged in the past few years, I find that the overall, the course selection for DoV isn't all that impressive.  Thirdly, there's always the doubt of whether the quality of the food served during DOV is reflective of the quality you would receive had you dined at the same establishment on a 'regular' day.  I guess it's up to each individual to be the judge of that, but for me personally, the DoV fan in me has increasingly waned over time.

One place that is almost always consistently satisfying is none other than the beloved steakhouse, the Keg.  It is also almost the only place that I recommend for DoV.  The DoV value is awesome. Plus, you get free bread and comfortable seats - definitely a win-win situation in my books!

DoV stop #1: The Keg, Burnaby

my go-to drink...with extra beans to boot :D

Baked Garlic Shrimp
10 oz. Prime Rib with Keg Fries
Billy Miner Pie

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DoV stop #2: Oakwood Canadian Bistro

Radiccio salad with goat cheese, candied pecans, bacon lardons

Braised Lamb Stew

Nanaimo Bar Brulee
Our DoV experience was Oakwood was alright.  Portions were good and I enjoyed the appetizer and dessert.  The stew was overly salty though.  We had also ordered mussels and the burger off their regular menu.  I really enjoyed my super moist and juicy burger but the mussels were a little underwhelming with the broth being once again, overly salty.  I've also had brunch here and really liked it.  Overall, Oakwood is a great culinary establishment that's committed to serve fresh homemade food made from locally sourced ingredients.  I will return!

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jo said...

I'm not sure if I will go back to Oakwood, but Keg for sure.:)