Monday, January 9, 2012

Holiday Gluttony

This holiday, I sure jingled my appetite bells and had myself a very merry pig-fest for it was the most wonderful time of the year! I mean, "everybody knows a turkey (and some mistletoeeee) helps to make a season bright." But what I really wanted, most of all, was to roast some of my own chestnuts on an open fire (although I eventually had to settle for someone else roasting them for me, instead). Do you hear what I hear?

:: dinner at Les Faux Bourgeouis Bistro ::

lamb tenderloin brochette with goat cheese salad

beef tenderloin in a peppercorn cream sauce

my candy cane cocktails ;)
:: brunch at Hawksworth ::

brioche french toast with caramelized banana, lavender honey, cream

halibut cake benny
:: lunch at Au Petit Chauvignol ::

cup of tomato soup

              reuben sandwich served with pomme frites 
:: lunch at Meat & Bread :: 

what do you get when the chicken meets the duck meets the turkey? 
:: snackin' on euro treats at the Christmas Market ::

my blurry bratwurst
waffles on a stick
:: dinner at my most beloved Chambar ::

Qualicum bay scallops, smoked kurobata pork cheek, pickled green beans

Smoked foie gras terrine with truffled brioche french toast...amaaaazing
moules frites congolaise...absolute necessity
poutine a la belge...avec le fromage bleu. Formidable!
:: dinner at Pivo Public House ::

Cajun Chicken Cobb Salad

:: NYE dinner at Tableau ::
(last meal of the year, hence the splurge ;) )

6 oz. beef tenderloin topped with foie gras & black truffles


Foodiebear said...

Gorgeous food and amazing taste! I would have ordered these same dishes! Can't wait to visit Vancouver some day!

jo said...

I love the way you incorporated the Christmas songs into the post. So creative, sis! Anyway, should I give Les Faux another chance?

foodmatik said...

@ FoodieBear: thank you!! oh my - what great culinary taste you've got :D also love your blog name! so cute!

@ jo: Yes, I think you should give it another chance although I have a feeling you might not like it again. Lol...