Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sushi Town

My kinda town...(with "VALUE" written allllll over it!)

I frequent Sushi Town at least once every 2-3 weeks just to get my bi/tri-weekly Alaska/Awesome roll/Spicy Tuna Sashimi fix.  Their sashimi and sushi is amazingly fresh and so worth the value.  On this night, we visited the newest location in North Vancouver.  I like this location more for its spaciousness, less crowded/busy-ness and it also has more comfortable seating. 


Alaska Roll - Best Alaska Roll you'll ever have. No need to look further.  Avocadoes is the predominant ingredient in this roll, slab on a piece of salmon sashimi, with a miso sauce drizzled all over it and you got yourself the best tasting $3.95 roll you'll find anywhere.  Trust me.  I haven't met a single soul who does not like it!

Awesome Roll - The name says it all.  This roll is truly awesome.  Here you'll have a California roll with cooked salmon on top, adorned with bonito flakes and drizzled with a seemingly spicy-mayo sauce

Spicy Tuna Sashimi - Picture a heaping portion of nicely-cubed pieces of tuna sashimi, marinated in a korean spicy sauce, Sriracha, and sesame oil sauce mixture, and topped with finely cut fresh cucumbers and onions...and you got yourself the best spicy sashimi ever.  This is the most refreshing bang-for-your-buck sashimi dish ever!

Chicken Katsu - Generous amount of nicely-breaded chicken breast with a side of perfectly cooked rice, and a green salad with the accompaniment of a miso dressing...fantastic!


S...l...o...w. Not the friendliest either. Expect to have to wave the server down 3-4 times to ask for extra napkins/remind them about your order/etc...


Hands down, best value in Greater Vancouver when it comes to good, quality, FRESH sushi at a price that will definitely not break the bank.  $4.95 for a (heaping!) half-order of spicy tuna sashimi that is big enough to feed 3 people. $7.95 for a massive chicken katsu entree. $1.60 for a huge piece of unagi negiri....seriously, you cannot complain :)


No chefs/servers yelling to'and'fro.  No music playing.  No loud "Bonzai!" toasts here, either.  Just a room full of hungry, sushi-go'ers looking to get the best valued sushi & sashimi in town!

Overall: 9/10

Yay:  Come for the fresh and cheap sushi and sashimi! That's all you'll ever need in life :)

Nay:  Don't expect good, hospitable service here.

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