Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stella's Bierstro

Belgian beer & mussels? I'll take it!


Scoe and I started the night off with a nice cold Belgian Cherry Kriek beer. I am usually not a beer drinker, but if I really had to choose, this would be my choice of beer.  I would hardly consider it 'beer' though - I just love the fact that it doesn't have that gross beer-y taste, but rather, it's dominated by huge flavours of cherry fizz! I love it.

Foodmatik's choice of dishes, on this night, were as follows: Korean Barbeque Ribs, Jumbo Shrimp, New Orleans Mussels (plus Frites), Roasted Beet Salad, and Chicken Wings.

Many of the dishes were average and satisfying - with the Jumbo Shrimp being the most enjoyable.  They were doused in a Thai spicy sauce, accompanied with a citrus aioli -although it came at a very hefy price ($13 for 3)!! They were good, but don't know if it's worth the value. 

The Mussels came out sizzling hot, but  definitely not comparable to the ones at Chambar (size and taste-wise).  The broth was tasty and flavourful, though.  The combination of Cajun cream, Andouille sausage, roasted corn and mixed peppers were well-executed.






Came on a Sat night - no wait was needed (approx. 8 pm), bar & dining area - happenin'!

Overall: 7.2/10

Yay: A good alternative for Belgian beer, frites & mussels.  Nice place to chill and eat if you're in the Cambie area.

Nay: Probably not the best venue for big group gatherings?

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