Monday, June 14, 2010

The Reef

Dey got good 'tings' to eat, ya know?


Started off with a nice pitcher of Sangria.  Would've liked the fruits a lil'more mashed, but it did its job :)

As for eats, we started off with the complimentary Johnny Cakes.  I personally, ain't too big of a fan of them. Probably because of its overly-doughy texture.  I prefer it to be more fluffy.  Though, I've heard that they do serve Banana-stuffed Johnny Cakes on weekends, and would love to try those!

For appies, we started off with the Yardie Yam Fries, Coco Prawns and the Jamaican (Beef) Patty.  I like the yam fries here as they are hand-cut, fresh and lightly fried/baked and not too oily-tasty like what you get at some places.  They were great in those aspects, but were definitely wayyy too salty! Loved the accompanying jerk mayo though.

The Coco Prawns were up next.  Battered with toasted coconut and served with a minted avocado yogurt, these babies were plump and tasty.  The sauce was very tangy and sweet (which I really liked), though I couldn't really taste the avocado in them.  The Jamaican Patty arrived smokin' hot and stuffed with nicely-seasoned house-made beef.  It was delicious and even more so with the mango chutney that was served.

At this point, we were stuffed from all those (salty!) yam fries.  The Spinach Salad and the Jamaican Jerk Chicken entree took longer to arrive, and by then, we were only able to finish a third of each dish.  The Salad portion was generous consisting of chevre (goat cheese), red onions, crispy tortilla and a jicama (Mexican potato/turnip) apple slaw with a roasted red pepper vinaigrette.  We added a side of jerk chicken as well.  I loved how it was a white meat chicken breast.  It was very tender and it's too bad that we (surprisingly) weren't able to finish it!  

* Also wanted to note that the Miss Kitty's hot sauce (see first pic above) is a must-try here.  It was so good that Scoe even purchased a bottle for himself!


Yam fries for $6, Patty for $4, Jerk Chicken Entree for $14.  Decent!


Had to wave down our server a couple of times, though she was a friendly one.  Would've preferred better attentive service though!


Cool soothin' Jamaican tunes with a live DJ on-set on a Saturday night.  Carribean vibes whizzed throughout. Great ambience.

Overall: 7.8/10

Yay: Yummy Caribean food in a seemingly Carribean-like setting! Come here for the jams & the eats!

Nay:  Could be a bit of a wait if you're with a group of 3/4+....they take resos, though! Service isn't the best, but it's passable.

Posted by: J


Nor said...

I love the Reef, but I can't believe you don't like the Johnny Cakes!!! They're soooooo good!!! I love it because of the doughy texture! lol

Anonymous said...

After reading your posting, I HAVE TO GO THERE SOON!!!! Can't Wait!

Irene said...

I LOVE THE JOHNNY CAKES! HOW DARE YOU! Try them on the weekends ... also love their jamaican patties ... yum!