Monday, November 16, 2009

Cascade Room

Chill at Cascade ...

Location: Vancouver (Main Street)


I was blown away by the Mushroom Pizza on my first visit and felt compelled to order it again.  I've tried all sorts of pizzas from various chains and restaurants and I must say that Cascades' pies rank high on my list.  The (thin) crust was just the right amount of crispiness and definitely did not taste like cardboard (as many thin crust pizzas do).  It came loaded with mushrooms, edam and goat cheese, and fresh spinach ...on a pesto base - it was phenomenal, to say the least.  They are also known for their Polenta Fries - which I think are just ok. I also sampled the Calamari and they tasted fabolous. May order it next time!


Prompt and the server allowed for separate bills (even though we had a group of 20+). You know that's always a good thing!


Food prices were reasonable although drink prices are a little high ($9 for a cocktail).


Hip hip happenin'!

Overall: 7.7/10

Yay: Always a good choice for drinks (and grub!) if you're in and around Main Street. Above average lounge/bar fare is a bonus.

Nay: Always bustlin' with customers whenever I'm there. Could be a bit of a wait come peak periods.

** Interesting Fact: Habit Lounge next door is their sibling restaurant!

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Anita said...

mmnmm Cascade is always a good place to go and hang out with friends. They were so accommodating to large groups and the waitresses are not snobby and pushy like other places are. I must agree that the calamari and pizzas are so good! I tried some at Coppertank too but i still like the pizzas at Cascade more... mmmmm