Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Guu Original

Guu is ggguuuuuuu-reat!!!...

Location: Vancouver (Downtown)


Guu is one of my top 5 restaurants (only been to the ones on Robson & Thurlow) and I've have never had a disappointing experience there. Ever. It is definitely my favourite of all izakayas.

We had the Grilled Beef Tongue, Kimchi Fried Rice, Seared Salmon Carpaccio, Baked Oysters and Fresh Squid Tofu Salad with Spicy Cod Roe and Wasabi Mayonnaise Sauce.  The salad was a bit drenched (with the dressing), but it tasted ok.  Everything else was superb - esp. the Kimchi Fried Rice (my favourite!) Although a bit too oily, their fried rice is probably the best I've ever had.  My dining companion also had an additional mini appy known as Oden - assorted ingredients in a light, soy-flavoured broth. This time, she only opted for a deep fried fish cake (in the broth).

Drinks: Had the Cherry Brossum (Cherry Blossum - the "r" sound does not exist in the Japanese language). It was refreshing and comprised of Peach Snapps, strawberry (puree?) and a carbonated beverage known as Ramune.


Prompt and polite. Very welcoming.


Good and best value of all izakayas.


Super high on the noise factor - almost seems like there's a party in there every night.  You'll be greeted as you enter and leave, and have chefs/servers constantly shouting out orders - all in all, a super fun place to be for kicks, laughter, and food!

Overall: 9/10

Yay: Excellent Japanese tapas, hip hop happenin' place, polite and welcoming service

Nay: It's small and quite cramped, wait could take a while, not ideal for groups larger than 4+, perhaps not ideal for a romantic dinner/date

** Interesting Fact: They have 3 other locations as well!

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Anita said...

I just went to Guu on Tuesday night and it was delicious! I tried the strawberry milky drink and it was horrible! do NOT get that if you go! but besides that.... it was soo goood

there is a new Guu Garden opening up soon! like in December! gtg check it out!