Monday, November 9, 2009

Brunch a la Galerie (CLOSED)

brunch and art? i'll take it...!

Location: Vancouver (Kitsilano)


I opted for the Chorizo Pamplona Benny this time around (I had the Eggs Florentine Benny the 1st time).  It was described as natural chorizo salami, steamed poach eggs, with housemade basil pesto (a nice change to the typical Hollandaise sauce). It was splendid. The chorizo salami was nice and mildly spicy.  The sides included were: fresh fruit, roasted potatoes, and greens.


Our server was kind, genuine and serene.  No complaints there.


$13 (pretty sure) for the benny - pretty much standard brunch pricing.


Pleasant and peaceful. 

Overall: 8/10

Definitely a great go-to brunch joint if you're in (or even, out of) the area.  The Brioche French Toast is a stand-out, as well.

Yay: Great place for weekend brunch - the art is a bonus.  It doesn't get very busy either (even during peak brunch times.)

Nay: They didn't have KETCHUP this (2nd) visit!...How could you serve potatoes and not have ketchup? As well, if it does happen to get busy, waiting periods may be lengthy. Not the ideal place for large groups.

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Anita said...

omgosh when did u go? I went last Sunday with my CP and we used up the last of the ketchup! our server had to squeeze like no tmrw and she said we took the last of the ketchup!