Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Spice Islands Indonesian Restaurant

Just a taaad overrated, if you ask me...


Roti Prata - Arrived in 8 (med. sized pieces) with a green curry sauce.  Not as flaky as I expected (and would've liked).  It leaned towards the crispier side, but flavours were good.

Chicken & Beef Satays - Skewers were a little on the small side, beef was a bit too done while the chicken was a bit fattier than preferred.  The satay sauce wasn't thick, but was quite peanut-y :)

Mango Salad with Calamari - This was one of their specials, but it wasn't as appetizing as I expected.  It had romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, small pieces of mango in a ginger-y vinegarette dressing.  It came with 2 (quite small) skewers of grilled calamari (which was healthier tasting as opposed to it being fried, which I liked).

Java Curry Chicken - Great flavours, thickness of sauce was good (not overly thick or watery).  Ample portion. 

Mussels in Curry Sauce - Not sure if it's mussel season right now, but they were very tiny.  Plentiful portion though, and the curry sauce was good.

Coconut Rice (side)- Very nicely presented (in a pyramid shape).  The coconut flavour was very minimal, so I was a bit disappointed.  The rice wasn't very thoroughly cooked either!


Our server was very nice, polite, courteous and knowledgeable.  I think he was predominantly the main server for the entire restaurant, so it took him a while to come and place our order. 


A taddd overpriced - but it is located in a more affluent neighbourhood


We chose to sit outside on this nice summer evening, so we couldn't really experience the ambience inside the restaurant, per se.  It was quiet and dim inside the restaurant as I took a quick stroll through the restaurant to get to the washroom (which is, by the way, single-stall washrooms separated by sex).  We arrived at 8 pm on a Thursday evening, and there were about 3-4 tables occupied.  Mind you, it is a fairly small restaurant (8-10 tables, max).

Outside, we sat on green plastic chairs (accompanied with green plastic tables).  It wasn't the best of the dining furniture, but it was alright.  I also noticed the (long overdue or just super early) Christmas lights hung around the railings of the restaurant, lol.

Overall: 7.3/10

Yay:  There aren't very many Southeast Asian restaurants in the area, so if you do happen to be in the area and am craving Malaysian/Indonesian food, this spot will be able to satisfy your cravings. 

Nay:  Over-rated -just a bit above average at best (Tropika and Banana Leaf are better!). Not ideal for big groups.

**Interesting fact:  This place was the Gold Winner of Vancouver Magazine's Restaurant Awards for 'Best Other Asian' - a little over-rated, in my opinion!

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Anita said...

hmmm this place sounds too nuty and not enough flava for me! i loooove Tropika and Banana Leaf! i will stick to that! but the satay does look good. mmmm The mango salad with calamari sounds very yum! now im hungry :(