Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Go Fish

Go(oooood) Fish is more like it!


Everything we ordered was so fresh and delicious! On this beautiful Saturday, my dining companion and I shared: 2 pieces of Halibut and chips, a Qualicum Bay Seared Scallop Sandwich and one Salmon Tacone.  The fish was nicely battered, meaty, huge and crispy while the 'chips' were actually pomme frites (delicious and so fresh-tasting).  It also came with a side of coleslaw, which I liked for its non-drenchiness.  It was coated in a Asian sesame-like dressing, as opposed to the usual creamy dressing.

The Scallop Sandwich arrived on a fresh Portugese-style bun, loaded with plump nicely-seared scallops (4, to be exact), caramelized onions, iceberg lettuce, mayo and sweet chili sauce.  The salmon tacone was generally filled with grilled salmon, cilantro-infused salsa, coleslaw and a chipotle sauce.  I only had a bite of this but it was enough to make my tastebuds tingle! ~


Ok, not the friendliest and not the speediest either




It's located steps away from Granville Island...come here for the grub and scenery! Especially on a hot summer's day? Perfection.

Overall: 8/10

Yay:  Come for the food and scenery - no questions asked

Nay: Lineups, lineups, lineups! We came here on a Saturday afternoon at about noon-ish only to be presented with a huge line-up filled with fellow fish'n'chip grabbers alike.  We waited in line for about 25 mins, ordered our food and had to wait for another 15 mins. 

The service we witnessed wasn't the greatest either (somebody had take another person's order and the woman (manager? owner?) working there was quite rude).

It is pretty darn pricey here, too.  2 pieces of halibut & chips totalled $14.50, while the scallop sandwich was $12 :/

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