Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Miura Waffle Milk Bar

felt like I just died and went to waffle heaven...

Bulgogi Waffle Sando


I fell in love with Miura's waffle 'sandos' (which means 'sandwiches' in Japanese) the first time I laid my taste buds on them.  Not only do they offer both 'savoury' and 'sweet' waffle sandwiches, but were also created with a Japanese (and Korean) influence.  On my first visit here (on Canada Day), my dining companion had their Bulgogi waffle sando and their special of the day which was a Maple Marshmallow S'more Waffle sando filled with marshmallows, chocolate, and maple syrup (maple syrup as a tribute to Canada :)).  Both waffles were devoured in seconds; they were very fresh-tasting, delightfully delicious and epitomized the quintessential gourmet waffle sandwiches.

Maple Marshmallow S'more Waffle Sando
On my second visit here, my dining companion wanted to try the very same Bulgogi Waffle sando.  It was just as appetizing and appealing as when I had it the first time.  It was filled with marinated barbeque beef (Korean 'bulgogi'), small chopped up pieces of boiled egg that were reminiscent of an egg salad, and kimchi.  Sandwiches between 2 crispy halves to complete a waffle sando, it sure did not disappoint.  To satisfy our sweet craving, we opted for special of the day which was their Banana Caramel Waffle sando.  This waffle sando was not crispy, but was rather more fluffier.  This was fine and very suitable to the overall ingredients that it contained.  The ratio of banana to caramel was good.  I should also mention that it does contain whipped cream, but I had asked for a lesser amount (of whipped cream).  This sweet sando was overally very satisfying and would pair even better with a latte.

Banana Caramel Waffle Sando
Being branded also as a 'milk' bar, I felt the need to have to try one of their yogurt milk concoctions.  We oped for the Blueberry Yogurt Milk.  It tasted literally like yogurt liquid with freshly blended (?) blueberries.  Though I wish it was more of a smoothie texture, it tasted fine.

Friendly and polite


Waffle prices range from $4.00-$6.99 ~ price is a little steep for the more 'gourmet' sandos but they're worth a try!


Been here twice and I feel like they need a bit of soothing music or something to accomodate the cafe-like ambience, love the smell of waffles wafting in the air

Overall: 8/10

Yay: Yummy, yummy made-to order savoury and sweet waffles.  Love the creation of the waffle 'sandos' they have come up with - where else can you have bulgogi in a waffle and have it taste like you just died and went to waffle heaven? They've also got free Wifi!

Nay: Parking may be an issue

** Interesting fact: Recently, there have been an influx of online coupon sites where you can purchase discount vouchers redeemable at a variety of local restaurants, food stores, speciality shops, tourist attractions, etc.  Some discount vouchers are valid only on the day (of) when you purchase the voucher, while others have a reasonable validity period.  Luckily, I was able to get my hands (mouse, haha!) on them and was able to snatch up a couple of discount vouchers for Miura when they were featured on the Social Shopper website.  I purchased 2 vouchers at $5 each but were worth double the amount! Who can ever resist such a win-win situation? :)

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the broke runway said...

This is making me crave that tuna waffle dessert from Richmond!

Anonymous said...

have you been to Patisserie? It's near my work, secret waffle place thats off the chizzaneee

foodmatik said...

I have indeed been to Patisserie :) in fact, I was just there, for the first time, 2 weeks ago! it was yums. Their chicken & brie sandwich baguette was really good too!