Monday, January 4, 2010


it's only my most faaavourite restaurant everrr....

It was a difficult decision to make (Chambar or Le Crocodile?), but after coming across a blogger who recently raved about the mushroom and goat cheese spring roll that he/she tried at Chambar, I just haaddd to go and try it for myself...pronto! And so, without a second thought, reservations were made and finalized at the much-beloved Chambar.

Side note: I love Chambar with all my heart and have never been disappointed at all.  I was excited to pay it a good (6th, to be exact!) visit once again.


We started off with the much-anticipated, drool-worthy Les champignons forestiers (marinated beets, mushrooms, watercress, mushroom and goat cheese spring roll) admist a wonderful vinaigarette accompaniment.  The appy arrived piping hot, as Scoe would say.  The spring roll was generously filled with an ample amount of goat cheese (yummm!), while the beets, mushrooms and vinegarette side only made it better.  It was wonderful as expected, and I devoured them wanting for more.

Scoe also ordered La salade d'hiver ("winter salad" in translation) to fulfill his daily veggie requirements.  That was nice and fresh (I don't remember too much of it as the taste of the goat cheese spring roll still lingered in my mouth).  Both appies were magnificent in taste, which only prompted us to order a third appy.  We opted for Les Coquilles St. Jacques (Seared scallops with smoked kurobata pork cheeks).  'Twas an excellent choice - nicely seared, plump, divine-tasting scallops.  The night was only getting started :)
As for our entrees, it was not a surprise that Scoe and I both opted for les Moules Frites (although other fish, meat entrees are equally as spectacular).  As usual, Scoe had the Mussels Vin Blanc (in white wine, braised leeks and celery) while I chose my usual Mussels Coquette (white wine cream, smoked bacon lardons, spring onions).  It once again, lived up to expectations - flavourful broth, plump and juicy (ocean-friendly!) mussels, generous portions with an excellent side of pomme frites (and garlic mayo!)

** I must add that they have a wonderful selection of Belgian beers, as well as finely-executed cocktails.


Prompt and friendly


Reasonable, although this is one of the few places, that I know of, that charges for bread.


Hip, hip, happeningggg! Maybe a little tooo loud at times. But overall, a wonderful place to be, and be seen at. Make sure you make reservations!

Overall: 9.5/10 (yes, i love it THAT much!)

Yay: Excellent belgian food (and probably the only place for great Belgian food in Vancouver). Come here for the mussels, appies, steak, beer...hell, just pay it a visit already. You won't regret it.  Foodmatik guarantees it, lol

Nay: I don't know if there really is a nay....parking's not too bad in this area. Probably not a good choice if you're wanting a nice, quiet, romantic dinner?

** Interesting fact:  Cafe Medina is their sibling restaurant/cafe known for their lovely Morrocan-influenced brunch and belgian waffles. Another lovely little wonder they're affiliated with Chambar :) In addition, Chambar has also opened up a cooking school right next door as well.

Also...on my very first visit to Chambar, I saw Pierce Brosnan dining here (and boy, do I have a story to tell about that...!)


Anonymous said...

Mmmm... I love Chambar too! Jeanie, it's Linda. If you ever get a chance to be in the Seattle area, let me know what you think about the restaurant, Crush. Jonathan and I have been there once and it's our all time fave!

tsek said...

Jeanie! Ruw and I (Tiffany) are going there in Feb! I can't believe all you had for entrees was mussels! They are good but gosh you could've done with more variety! Haha anyways, I will need to try that goat cheese spring roll...mmm...

Anita said...

mmm i need to try the scallop dish tonight! cant wait!! my mouth is watering as we speak! keke