Friday, January 29, 2010

Bo Laksa King's

hidden laksa gem...

As their name implies, Bo Laksa King's specialty resides in...well, none other than laksa.  For those who are not familiar, laksa is a popular noodle soup with origins in Chinese/Singaporean/Malaysian cuisine (I believe).  Vermicelli is usually the prime type of noodle offered, with the usual ingredients being: fish balls, prawns, tofu puffs, and boiled egg....all in a coconut-based curry soup.

BLK (I'm gonna shorten it just for convenience sake...and the fact that I love reducing names to an aconym-form, lol) also features other Malaysian/Burmese items (roti, satays, "pickled tea leaf salads", etc).

*Pls note:  I apologize for the lack of information as I felt too lazy on this day to glean more info, given time and circumstantial constraints!


The laksa was divine and definitely lived up the rave reviews that currently exist about this place.  It was a generous portion of vermicelli, along with the essential ingredients of tofu puffs, fish balls, prawns, pieces of chicken satays (a bonus!), topped off and garnished with red onion, cilantro, bean sprouts, japalenos and lime.  It was certainly appealing to the appetite and taste.  The soup was perfect - with the perfect ratio of coconut to curry taste.  My dining companion also pointed out that we were given a whole boiled egg, instead of a half (which you would expect at other places).  I also loved the addition of pieces of chicken satay...grilled to perfection and immaculate in taste. 

It is also important to note that they give you a separate container for the soup.  The feeling of just being able to pour your own soup in, somehow makes it so much more gratifying...and more fresh-tasting. Don't you agree? ;)


Not sure if the lady and the man behind the counter were a couple but they were very hospitable and kind.  They even offered us (free) tea and gave us a sample of their "pickled tea leaf salad" (which, btw, tastes like how it sounds). 


$7.50 per bowl of laksa....not too pricey, I don't believe. It's worth it, regardless!


It's not a restaurant, or a cafe.  Nor is it situated in a food court...or on the streets. But rather, it's located inside a grocery store.  Yes, you heard me.  The space isn't very large - just a food counter, and 1 (or 2) tables that sits 2 people each.  Regardless, I didn't mind it too much!

Overall: 7.7/10

Yay:  Yumm laksa...good for take-out.  No real parking issues here.

Nay: It's located in a grocery store where take-out may be the only option at times.

** Interesting Fact: The owner (I believe) informed us that they will be now offering delivery (within a 5-km radius), as well as a new menu!


Anita said...

mmm its just the right amount of spiciness as well! hehe Until our next eating adventure! keke mmm im gonna go back again for sure, i highly recommend it!

naomi said...

Laksa!! Sounds painful ;)

SB said...

That looks delicious!! I LOVE LAKSA!