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51 Things to Taste Before You Die ...

"Poor, darling fellow - he died of food. He was killed by the dinner table." - Diana Reeland

With Vancouver Magazine's recent publication of their (2nd annual) 101 Things to Taste (Before Your Die) issue, as well as West Ender's Favourite Things to Eat & Drink in BC issue, I felt that it was only necessary that I, too, compose a "things-you-ABSOLUTELY-must-taste-before-you die" list.
There are about 10 things on my list that you must, must, MUST try (e.g Phnom Penh's butter beef, Chambar's Mussels Congolaise) and the rest that are just one degree less of being a "must, must try!"

*** Have a read/skim for yourself...and let us know how many you've tried. I'd be amazed if anybody has tried 30+ out of the 51 mentioned...:)

(in no particular order)

1. Tomoya’s Flying Dragon Roll
2. Chambar’s Mussels Congolaise - (see photo to right)
        (for Scoe, it's the Mussels Vin Blanc)
3. Cru’s Cellar Door Caesar
4. Panago’s Steak Mushroom Melt
5. Medina CafĂ©’s Fricasse
6. Sanafir’s Naan with Humous
7. Fuel’s Fraser Valley Free Run Lamb
8. Japadog’s Teriymayo
9. Thomas Haas’ Double Baked Almond Croissant
10. Cupcakes’ Kookoo Cupcake
11. Market’s Soy-Glazed Shortribs
12. Mahek’s Butter Chicken
13. Guu on Thurlow’s Kimchi Fried Rice
14. Makoto’s Paradise Roll (see photo to right)
15. Le Crocodile’s Roasted Fraser Valley Duck served with Pan-Seared Foie Gras
16. Go Fish’s (Halibut) Fish & Chips
17. Fraiche’s Dungeness Crab Cake
18. Kingo's Miso Black Cod
19. Grounds for Coffee's Cinnamon Bun (with extra cream cheese icing!)
20. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Caramel Apples (the almond-crazy-coated one!)
21. Kiku’s “Winter Rolls” – rolls with baked chop scallop
22. Phnom Penh’s Deep Fried Chicken Wings
23. Phnom Penh’s Beef Filet On Rice With Egg
24. Phnom Penh’s Butter Beef
25. Sushi Town’s Alaska Roll
26. Sushi Town’s Spicy Tuna Sashimi
27. Kadoya’s Spicy Tuna Sashimi
28. Little Nest's Carrot Cake
29. Tenku’s Bukudanyaki Chili Mayo Takoyaki
30. Greedy Pig’s Pulled Pork Sandwich
31. Habit’s Sweet Carrot & Brie Perogies
32. Secret Garden’s High Tea (esp. their scones w/ devonshire cream & jelly) - (see photo to right)
33. Vij’s Lamb Popsicles
34. Purdy's Ice Cream Bar (white chocolate as coating, almonds as topping)
35. Crystal Mall’s Szechuan Beef Noodle Soup
36. Tomoya’s Volcano Salad
37. Cactus Club’s Bandura Salad
38. Cactus Club’s (specifically, Rob Feenie’s) Butternut Squash Ravioli
39. Chada Thai’s Red Curry
40. Juicy Lucy’s Tuna Melt (open-faced, topped with with sliced tomatoes and melted cheddar cheese)
41. Greedy Pig’s Arugula & Bison Salad
42. Bacchus’s Lobster Rolls
43. Joey Tomatoes’ Ahi Tuna Tacos
44. Joey Tomatoes’ Baked Apple Pie with maple walnut ice cream
45. Crave’s Organic Beef Burger (with blue cheese!)
46. Crave’s Popcorn Shrimp
47. Fraiche’s Scallop Carpaccio
48. Le Crocodile’s Roasted Rack of Lamb (see pic to right)
49. Pearl Castle’s Condensed Milk Thick Toast (with Almonds)
50. Dragonball’s Honey Green Tea Slush (with extra honey) 1/2 half pearls, 1/2 coconut jelly
51. Fuel’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken

** My apologies if I've suddenly got you salivating, unknowingly, on your keyboard...hahaha...but damn, looking back .... this list truly reinforces the fact (yes, a fact!) that Vancouver, without a doubt, offers some of the finest cuisine in the world (...and am I ever thankful for that!)

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