Friday, July 1, 2011

Cafe Regalade

                                       Voulez-vous manger une superbe brunch aujourd'hui?

                         (translation: Do you want to eat a superb brunch today? lol!
                                       Just wanted to throw some French in there!)


Pork Confit Sandwich:  This was one of the specials of the day.  While waiting, I saw that someone had ordered it and it looked too darn good to pass up.  Luckily, I had persuayed one of my d.c's to order it and boy, did it not disappoint! The sandwich was beautifully presented - thick slices of tender seasoned pork laid diagonally atop a bed of cooked sauteed creamed spinach (?)  and garnished with finely-chopped cilantro.  The baguette was perfectly toasted and very fresh.  It was also served with a side of nicely-dressed salad and house-made (?) potato chips.

Basque Breakfast: 2 sunnyside up eggs, piperade, chorizo, aioli sauce.  A rather heavy, but flavourful and decadent breakfast.  What I loved most was that 2 (of the 5) accompanying slices of baguette were spread generously with a (seemingly yolk-based) aioli sauce.  The sauce and bread went so well together and though it is not the healthiest thing one can eat, it paired superbly well with the eggs, choirzo and piperade.  This was also served with salad and wonderfully-seasoned potatoes on the side.

Lyon Breakfast: 2 poached eggs, mushrooms, bacon, pearl onions, spinach, potatoes, red wine sauce.  Another well-executed breakfast entree.  I had only sampled a bit of this but I loved dipping and soaking the baguette in the sauce.

Fresh Pancake with Blueberries:  First five words that were overheard after a bite was taken out of this pancake: "Omg, TRY THIS!"  At first, we were a bit puzzled by the seemingly lack of blueberries; but low and behold, they were all nestled in the middle of the pancake.  This was the most delicious pancake any of us had ever experienced.  First off, not only was the thing as ginormous as a pancake can be, but it was thick. And dense...and moist...and simply irresistable.

just a fraction of the (most delicious) pancake (ever)

We arrived to a full house on a Wednesday at about 1 pm only to be greeted with a rather rude welcome (and this was after us having to flag down a server/host).  After telling the server that we had been standing at the front entrance for quite a while (with no greeting or acknowledgement), the server replied with, "well, we're full" in quite an unpleasant, standoffish manner.  Well, one of my dining companions is certainly one to not take any of this rubbish, so to speak. She immediately turned around to inform me of the server's blunt dismeanor.  We later suspected that the server had overheard us, for her attitude and demeanor had changed 180 degrees!

All in all, we didnt' receive (or expect) the best service but it was satisfactory.


Unbelievably reasonable - $3.95 for the pancake, brunch entrees range from $10-14


Loved the colorful hog statues and masks dispersed throughout the cafe, limited seating

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Overall:  9/10

Yay: Where (I mean, WHERE?) else, in Vancouver, can you find a place that serves an excellently-executed (key words) French breakfast, brunch (...lunch and dinner?) Prices are also ridiculously reasonable

Nay:  Not the greatest service, and I can envision the place being super busy come prime brunch and dinner periods

**Interesting fact: Sibling bistro to the ever-so-loved La Regalade in West Van.  No words necessary. Both bistros are two peas in a (perfect gastronomical) pod. Yup, I said it!


Irene said...

YUM - great post Jeanz! The food looks SO AMAZING. How does it compare to Cafe Medina? And was your dc who corrected the hostess Tiffany? Don't ask me why I think it sounds like her. Haha, I like your usage of the word 'rubbish' of course. A word I hear daily here.

foodmatik said...

Hahaha no. The dc was actually my sis, JV, lol.

Cafe Medina's dishes boasts more flavour, in my opinion. I think the French use a lot more wine in their cooking and that's the main difference here at Cafe Regalade.

Amy said...

I was just thinking about Cafe Regalade this morning actually and wondering if it was worth a visit. Sounds like it is. The pancake has me intrigued. My only hesitation is that some of this food looks awfully heavy for brunch - I'm usually not up for a full meal in the morning but I'm sure I can look past that. Thanks for the post!